Welcome to   Lumière Dental Clinic

​Kyoko Kohda, DDS, PhD.

Director & Chief Dentist

Lumière Dental Clinic, Sendai, Japan.

Dear our Guests and Patients,

At Lumière Dental Clinic, we are committed to creating an experience our patients look forward to based on our professional experiences as qualified dental specialists in periodontology, dental prevention, industrial dentistry and operative/endodontic dentistry. 


In practice, we take the time to listen to and understand what our patients want or need, and then provide the proper information so that our patients can make informed decisions about their dental care.  Because of our unique and optimal approach, our patients actually enjoy coming to the dentist!

Our dental care options range from oral health maintenance by Super PMTC using telescopes & advanced diagnostic devices to general dentistry including reconstructive dental surgery and the modern cosmetic dental procedures.


Our clinic is located in the heart of downtown Sendai, and thereby we approach to serve not only individual dental care but community-oriented healthcare. We wish to get to know our patients well and help them to achieve the beautiful teeth, smile and optimum quality of life (QOL) they’ve always wanted.

Dr. Kohda and our healthcare team always welcome new patients.  

Thank you for your visiting our WEB site and

we look forward to seeing you soon!

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